The African Lion is one of the most feared and respected of all of the Big 5. It is truly the King of the African Savannah and there is no better way to hunt these magnificent beasts than on foot. The “old school way.“

Tam Safaris have been hunting free ranging Lion for over fifteen years. There are three dedicated Lion reserves, comprising over 25,000 acres, devoted to free range Lion. These exclusive hunts have been very well received by hunting communities and are especially popular with clients who do not want to hunt “canned” Lion. Vast majorities of Hunters have typically hunted West Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique and have either been unsuccessful on Lion or have wanted to add heavier maned Lion to their collection or just to experience lion hunting at its best. All these hunters have found the walk and stalk hunt challenging and truly fair chase


Tam Safaris is the first accredited private game reserve in South Africa for free roaming Lion Hunting; based on the National Draft Policy, Norms and Standards for large predators. The unprecedented success of this hunting opportunity relates directly to five years of hard work and well-developed infrastructure and dedicated game management programs. This has resulted in the accreditation of three related hunting areas for the fair chase hunting of the magnificent African Lion.


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