Each of our clients has had an impact on Tam Safaris and while we would like to mention each and everyone by name, the list will go on forever. Among our client list we have had the pleasure of hosting a number of respected personalities and hunters who have excelled in international Big Game Hunting.


Scott Haugen – Television Personality and Author

Jim Shockey – Professional Hunter and Owner of Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventure. He also won the World Hunting Award in 2011 amoung many others

Steve Scott – Television Personality

Mike Rogers – Host of Safari Expeditions (TV Series)

Linda Donaho – American Huntress

Olivia Nalos Opre – Television Personality and Consultant, 2014 Diana Award recipient

Adam Vinatieri – National Football League


The following awards are internationally and/or nationally recognised

Lacy and Dorothy Harber – Outstanding Hunting Achievement Award and Philanthropists 

Alan Sackman – Weatherby Award

Barbra Sackman – Diana Award

Alain Smith – Weatherby Award, International Hunting Award and Author

Audrey Murtland – Diana Award

Arnold Alwald – Weatherby Award and World Hunting Award

Garry Ingersol – Weatherby

Melanie Pepper – Diana Award

Dennis Campbell – Founder of GSCO 

Jose “Pepe” Madrazo – Conklin Award 

Caroline Pruitt – Young Huntress Award

Johnny Hattner – Young Hunter Award

Nick Hopman – Young Hunter Award

Suzie Brewster – Diana Award

Will Ellison – Young Hunter Award

David & Matthew Yap – Young Hunter Award

Matt Ward – World Hunting Award Ring

Sarah Sackman – Young Huntress Award

Deb Cunningham – HSC Past President, Diana Award

Rulph Cunningham – HSC Past President

James W. Porter II – Former NRA President

Arlene P. Hanson – Diana Award

Pete Brownell – NRA President