Gun Laws & Permits


Tam Safaris issue a specific Invitation Letter to assist you with the Importation of your Firearms. 

Requirements are: 

  • Full Names, as shown in your Passport.
  • Full Physical Address.
  • Passport Details: Number, Issue and Expiry Dates.
  • Firearms Details: Names, Calibres and Serial Numbers.
  • Dates of total stay in South Africa.

Basic Regulations and Restriction for the issuing of Temporary Import Permits:

  • Maximum of four (4) firearms or shotguns, not more than one of the same caliber or gauge. 
  • The Frame, barrel and action are marked with the same serial number;
  • Proof of Firearm ownership Notarized;
  • Firearms must bear the manufacturer’s serial number or any other mark by which the firearms can be identified. The identification number must be stamped and the mark affixed in the prescribed manner in the barrel, the frame or the receiver of the firearm.
  • Passport original copies Notarized.
  • Only 100 rounds for each permitted firearm or shotgun will be allowed.
  • No ammunition for other firearms (not accompanying you) is permitted.
  • Ammunition to be packed and transported in a lockable ammo box, placed within checked luggage.
  • There is a limit of five kilograms ammo per passenger, including weight of ammo box.
  • Ammunition must be declared at check-in.

All International Hunters will enjoy a trouble-free arrival in South Africa with the Tam Safaris recommendation that hunters should down-load the Rifle Import Permit application information from: or

Should hunters prefer full assistance; Tam Safaris will provide alternative suggestions.

Firearms and Ammunition:

Three Rifles and one Shotgun are allowed by law into the country. Therefore, the suggested calibers are from .375 and larger for big game. One shotgun of any gauge.

It must be borne in mind that only 100 rounds per firearm may be brought into the country.

For the smaller calibres, only soft-nose ammunition. For the larger calibres half the amount in softs and the other half in solids.

Note: Camouflage clothing is permitted in South Africa. Satellite phones will work in South Africa.

Permit Application Download:

You will need to fill in the below form in order to obtain the permit required to bring your firearms and/or ammunition into South Africa.


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