Meet the team

The Tam’s are a fifth-generation South African family with their ancestors arriving during the late 1800’s. Irvin and Therese, together with their two sons- Peter and Stephen are the proud owners of Tam Safaris.

Irvin always dreamed of owning a Game ranch and in 1995 he realized his dream.  Irvin invested in 8000 acres and re-introduced wildlife to the over farmed and desolate region. This was an investment made out of the love for wildlife. Today Tam Safaris occupies around 60 000 acres of untamed wilderness and have become leaders in the hunting industry.

In 2016 Tam safaris was awarded the Dallas Safari Club Outfitter of the year and in 2018 they were announced the overall winners of the WRSA Eastern Cape Wildlife Rancher of the year award and also won the category, Outfitter of the year. In 2019 Tam Safaris was awarded the WRSA “Biodiversity” award and the PHASA “Wildlife utilization” award.

Professional hunters:

Peter Tam

Peter grew up hunting and has always had a love for the outdoors. After one year at college, Peter decided to follow his dream of becoming a Professional hunter. He qualified as Big game hunter in 2003. Peter enjoys the company of all people and will entertain you with laughter throughout your Safari. In 2018, Peter was awarded Houston Safari Clubs “Outstanding Professional Hunter of the Year” Peter is married to Ling who is a qualified CPA; together they have three children- McKenzie, Kayla and Chase. Ling heads her own accounting firm in the Eastern Cape.

Stephen Tam

Stephen teamed up with his father and brother in 2007. Stephen shares the same passion for the outdoors and hunting has always been in his blood. Stephen is a highly experienced dangerous game hunter and enjoys a challenging hunt. Stephen is a licensed helicopter pilot and operates the companies Robinson R44. Stephen is married to Megan, who is a qualified accountant and helping the Tam family run their foundation. They have two children Madison and Stevie Jr.

I-juan Reid

I-Juan is a young ranger, qualified as a professional hunter. He teamed up with Tam Safaris in 2019. He is a nature loving enthusiast and he will ensure that your hunting experience with us will be a lasting memory. His passion for the wildlife is inspiring.

Len Du Randt

Len is a sheep and cattle rancher. When possible, Len enjoys spending time in the field hunting and fishing. He is a licensed dangerous game hunter and an avid fisherman. Len has guided hunts for Tam Safaris since 2003.

Werner Notje

Werner was born and raised on a ranch in the Cradock area. He hunted his first springbok at the age of six and has always had a passion for the outdoors. Werner graduated with a degree in tourism and qualified as a PH in 2007 and has operated as a professional hunter ever since.